MoreOn BMX is now the NZ agent for Stealth BMX Hubs from True Precision Components in the USA. 

pre·ci·sion    noun  [pri-sizh-uhn]    –  the quality or state of being precise : exactness

Not only is it our middle name, it is the philosophy behind our products. We strive for precision and innovation in everything we do, and our products reflect that. Back in 1999, unsatisfied with current hubs on the market, we decided to create our own hubs. We wanted something with more precision, something without backlash or noise. From this, the Stealth hub was born. Over 10 years later, we have a full line of BMX and MTB hubs, all with our instant engagement and silent operation. No matter what category of riding you love, we have the hubs that will exceed your expectations in performance and quality, giving you the competitive edge.

MoreOn BMX is now the NZ agent for Stay Strong BMX products !!!

What started out as a simple tee shirt worn by Pro riders to show support and solidarity for Stephen Murray has developed into something much greater. Two words that have helped unite the action sports community and now inspire people across the globe from all walks of life.

From the first original tee shirt a growing range of clothing, bike parts and accessories has been developed.

These two powerful words deliver a simple message... At some point in our lives each and everyone of us will need to "Stay Strong" for family, friends or just our own "State of Mind."


Moreon BMX is now the NZ agent for JCM BMX (eminent speed) products !!!